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Mulit-tasking with Firefox for the Morning Challenged

abstract:If you’re like me, you have whittled the morning rituals down such as to maximize sleep, allowing the absolute bare minimum time to shower, dress, and travel to work. If one step goes wrong; a late bus, an incognito set of keys, the entire operation is derailed and I am late. Thus the mornings are a time of great stress and panic. You can imagine, then, how delighted I was when I discovered the good people at Firefox have made an application for people like me, who can’t waste precious time by typing tedious URLs to read the morning news. Enter “Morning Coffee,” the app that allows you to click a steaming cup of Joe icon (and hopefully I have the same in my hand at this point as well) and get all your usual websites pre-loaded into tabs in one window. For example, I usually read the NYTimes, BBC News, the Economist, the New Yorker and of course Bookbuffet every morning, so with the click of a button they are all there, awaiting my somnambular perusal. You can even customize your Morning Coffee by day, so if you like the Tuesday Science section of the Times, on Tuesdays your Morning Coffee will go directly to that page. Enjoy! Morning people need not imbibe.


March 03, 2009



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