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BookBuffet's own Sue and Paula attend the Bill Wyman Birthday Bash


Rolling Stones bass guitarist, Bill Wyman had a combination birthday party and book launch at the Chateau Marmont Bar in Beverly Hills, California. Autographed copies of Rolling with the Stones were handed out in DK Publishing bookbags to all the guests.


October 23, 2002, At the Chateau Marmont Bar in Beverly Hills
— It has been said if you can remember the sixties, you weren't there. Turning that saying on its head, Bill Wyman was not only there (at the center), but he also remembered. Rolling with the Stones is a 512 page anthology of the band that epitmozes rock & roll; it's a vertitable scrap book/diary chronicling the life and times of the bandmembers for the thirty one years Bill was a member. It's well worth the purchase. While you're at it, get their latest CD, Forty Licks and listen BBwhile you read.  Oh, and yes, it was rather thrilling to attend!  Happy Birthday Bill.



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