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Daniel Levitin's "A Field Guide To Lies" Wins National Biz Book Award

abstract:Neuroscientist, academic and popular author Daniel Levitin has just been awarded $30,000 and named the winner of the National Business Book for 2017 for his latest volume, A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking in the Information Age (published by Allen Lane, Canada). The book was written in response to concern over the erosion of reputable news agencies and our trust for the information being disseminated through them and social media. Discriminating between real and unreliable sources spreading propaganda, false and fake news is a grave problem today. Levitin dislikes the term "fake news" as it indicates something false as being worthy of any attention--which it emphatically isn't. The Economist says, "If everyone could adopt the level of healthy statistical skepticism for news that Mr. Levitin would like, political debate would be in much better shape. This book is an indispensable trainer." Other award-winning titles by the author are: This Is Your Brain On Music, The Organized Mind: Making Sense of and Foundation of Cognitive Psychology.


May 02, 2017



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