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Kafka's Last Love


If you believe that how and who we love says as much about a person as anything can, then you'll want to read Kathi Diamant's new book, Kafka's Last Love.


August 18, 2003

Franz Josef Kafka's fiction has come to symbolize modern man's alienation in a hostile or indifferent world. His works have also been recognized as ink-blot tests for every school of modern criticism to produce a corpus of interpretations.


Kafka's own life however, was full of conflict. Sexually repressed, he apparently oscillated between an ascetic aversion to intercourse and an attraction to prostitutes. And yet, his last partnership with Dora Diamant may have proved to be his salvation.


"Franz Kafka met Dora Diamant in July 1923, when he was staying in a seaside resort in northern Germany and she was helping out in a holiday camp for Jewish children nearby. He was 40, she was 25. They were immediately drawn to each other: by September they were living together in Berlin, by the following spring they were planning to get married. But it was not to be. The tuberculosis from which Kafka suffered began to overwhelm him, and in June 1924 he died."


Read the complete book review by John Gross of Kafka's Last Love in the Weekly Telegraph.


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By Paula Shackleton



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