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Take the Whistler Reads Challenge!


Interested in meeting people and exploring new ideas? Then throw down the gauntlet and take The Whistler Reads Challenge!


May 15, 2007

What is Whistler Reads?

Founded in 2005, Whistler Reads (WR) is the village-wide book group fashioned on the “one book - one city” concept. We meet to discuss a new book on the first Thursday of every odd monthroughly every 8 weeks, often in the presence of the author or by phone. 

Here is how to register for Whistler Reads

Some of our previous book picks have been:

  • The Golden Spruce, by John Vaillant (author visit) 
  • Snow by Orhan Pamuk,
  • Paris 1919 by Margaret MacMillan, (author podcast)
  • Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam (telephone conference)
  • Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden.

We read both fiction and nonfiction. 

Our September reading selection has been confirmed and we will be hosting Vancouver author, Jen Sookfong Lee at Whistler's Millennium Place venue September 15th at 8pm tickets on sale via Millennium Place. Jen's fascinating novel spans three generations of Chinese immigrants as told through the eyes of her twenty-year old female protagonist. The End of East (Knopf, Canada) is from the publisher's series launching the voice of new writers. That program introduced these well-loved Canadian writers: Ann Marie MacDonald and Yann Martel, to name only two.

What is the Whistler Reads Challenge?

The WR Challenge is an initiative to foster a broader literary community through the social interactive of a lively book group combined with the competitive spirit for which Whistler is so renowned.  We want to see how many people we can get to register with WR and read the books before the next respective meeting, July 5, 2007 or Sept 15th.


How Does It Work?

Become a group leader. Go online and register yourself.

1.  Print the registration form (below).  Sign-up your book group, work colleagues, friends, or sports team. Collect $2 from each person (prize booty!).

2.  Take the completed form and the entry fee to Armchair Books  or The Whistler Public Library. If you want to make a challenge be sure to collect your “gauntlet”. Armchair offers 10% off WR book titles to members. The library will have a lending set of 6 (or more) books. Or you can get them online via these link:

The End of East by Jen Sookfong Lee (Knopf, Canada)

Purchase as many books as your team needs, there is plenty of time to share a book, and delivery is free >$50 online.

Bonus Points!!  Take the WR CHALLENGE to another group, business, or team, and take a picture of you “throwing down the gauntlet” to your competitor. (Email to or call Paula to come take your picture if more convenient. Photos will go in local papers & teams will be announced on Mountain FM.

See how ROOTS is taking the challenge to their staff and customers. We are excited to see business embrace the literary arts in our community. Thank you ROOTS!

Deadline to read the book and report tally of members who completed it is Sept 12th midnight.  The discussion date for Inheritance of Loss is July 5 at 7pm, (Location TBA) and the discussion date for The End of East is Sept 15th at Millennium Place.

Winners are determined by a calculation of the group size, with number who complete the book, and the success of your challenge. Prizes TBA.

Some Challenges We’d Like to See

  • Nesters staff challenge the IGA staff
  • Pique staff challenge the Question staff
  • Whistler Blackcomb staff challenge Intrawest staff
  • Whistler Real Estate Company challenge Sea to Sky RE/Max Company
  • Dusty’s staff challenge The Longhorn’s staff
  • Whistler Chamber of Commerce ctaff challenge the Whistler Tourism staff
  • Whistler Firemen challenge the Whistler Policemen
  • Showcase challenge WestBeach
  • Solarice Spa staff challenge the Vida Wellness Spa staff
  • LuLu Lemon staff challenge Peak Performance staff
  • Four Seasons staff challenge Whistler Chateau, PanPacific staff challenge the Weston staff
  • Whistler Dental challenge Creekside
  • Cat Smiley Fitness clients challenge the Whistler Physiotherapy clients
  • Starbucks Staff challenge all the other independent coffee shops: Blenz, Second Cup, Java at Nesters
  • Whistler Golf Course Staff challenge Nicholas North Golf Course staff
  • Whistler Cycling Club Members challenge the WORCA
  • Whistler Skating Club challenges the Whistler Hockey Club
  • Meadow Park Sports Center staff challenge RMOW Office Employees
  • Whistler Library staff challenges Squamish & Pemberton Library staff
  • Whistler High School Gr. 11 challenge Whistler High School Gr. 12
  • The Rotary Club challenge the Whistler Arts Council
  • Local book groups challenging each other


Help spread the word, and get the excitement going. Become a WR Sponsor or suggest one. Display contest signs at your office, club, business. Circulate this notice. Donate a prize. Contact us with your sponsorship and your logo.


Call Paula at 604-907-2804 or

Existing Sponsors

  • BookBuffet
  • Telus
  • Armchair Books
  • Vicious Circle, Whistler's Writers Group 
  • The WPL
  • MacDonalds
  • Piquenewsmagazine and The Whistler Question
  • Mountain FM 




Submit Entry to Armchair Books or Whistler Public Library. Email photos in Tiff format to

Here is how to register to for Whistler Reads

GROUP/COMPANY NAME:                                         Leader:                         Contact:                                                       

Member Names:                 Read(Y/N)   Email:                   

1                                                   (  )                             

2                                                   (  )                             

3                                                   (  )                             

4                                                   (  )                              

5                                                   (  )                             

6                                                   (  )                            

7                                                   (  )                            

8                                                   (  )                            

9                                                   (  )                            

10                                                 (  )                           

Total Members:           Total Fee:($2 per person)                

Submitted to:                                                                  

List if you can be a Sponsor

Donate a Prize                   

Make a Donation:                    


Initial:      This information is correct.

Started:                             Finished:                       




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