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Masterpiece: December Returns to Cranford

abstract:Cranford is the mythical setting for Elizabeth Gaskell's novels. Sue Bertwhistle has a love affair with period pieces. She adapted Gaskell's Wives and Daughters and of course the ever popular Jane Austen"s Pride & Predjudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle and Emma starring Kate Beckingsdale. When asked how she came upon the Carnford series she replied that it was recommended to her after the success of Pride & Predjudice and she quickly became entranced with the author who uses her characters over and over with each new work of fiction substituting different names and scenarios, but whose work remains true to her own life experiences: a brother that went off to sea at age 16, the death of an infant (her own). Like Austen these tell the minutia of women's country lives in the period, and adhere to all the details Masterpiece productions are well know for, including a repertoire of wonderful actors such as: Dame Judy Dench, Claudie Blakley, Julia McKenzie and Alex Jennings, to name but a few here. This story has the addition of curious animal behavior - a cow that is dressed up in pajamas daily that is based on a real sartorial cow in the author's hometown of Knutsford,. Oh those Brits! Get the DVD package here Elizabeth Gaskell Series.

More details from the Masterpiece interview between Bertwhistle and Richard Maurer.


December 02, 2011



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