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abstract:I first heard about Car2Go, the global innovator of a car-sharing scheme by German car manufacturer Dailmer while shopping in a funky dress shop on Main Street in Vancouver. The chic young proprietor was saying, "It's cheaper than a cab and way more convenient than the bus system". Next my son, also an early technology adopter, arrived at our house for Father's Day dinner in a Car2Go last week, proclaiming the simple booking and car locator system that uses a smart phone App, the pay-by-the-minute fee rates (38cents/min includes gas and insurance) and the nifty activation procedure; the swipe of a microchip card at the windshield device gains you access.

We went out to the boulevard to marvel at this compact vehicle that fit into the street space between our driveway and the laneway, something no vehicle in our private "fleet" could do. Once you know about Car2Go, you begin to spot them everywhere you go; those cute little blue and white smart cars with the Car2Go logo on the front.

Recognizing the personal, environmental and social benefits of the program, I went online to sign-up immediately. After filling out the form...


June 20, 2012
paying a $30 one-time membership (which gives you your first 30 minutes of driving free) and contacting the motor vehicle branch to send my driving record to Car2Go, my bright shiny new microchip card arrived in the mail just 3 days later. I was good to go. I went online to view a map of the nearest cars, found one around the corner, waived my card at the windshield, opened the door, inserted my card into the dash slot, entered my password on the touch screen menu and confirmed the cleanliness of the interior [check] and any damages to the exterior [nope] and then I was OFF!

Smart cars accomodate the driver plus one passenger and there's space behind the seats for about a half-set of golf clubs. The default drive-mode is automatic transmission, but you can shift the stick and switch to 5-speed manual transmission mode if you desire that sporty feel. It has a bit of a jerky-handling feel in automatic mode as the gears switch through transmission, but other than that, it was a blast to drive. I completed my errands in a flash because parking was so easy (cities NorthAmerica-wide are entering into parking agreements with Dailmer) and then I left it parked out on the street in front of my home. Oh, don't forget to "end your session" by passing your memberchip-card over the windshield device at the end of your journey!

The next morning my Car2Go was still outside, but when I checked again around 10am it was gone! Someone else had "found" my car and taken it. What I love about Car2Go is the egalitarian nature of this. My kids pay the same fee as me (ICBC car insurance for young drivers is helatious) and it suits their pocket books, their driving needs, and today's eco-concsious urban environment. Now that I've started using Car2Go, I seem to spot them everywhere! It's like that game you used to play as a kid in the back seat of a car; hitting the person sitting next to you when you spotted a Volkswagon Beetle. There are something like 50,000 members and the program just launched this month in NorthAmerica. Jump on board!

Corporate Needs?

Corporate customers can use car2go to meet their staff’s mobility needs in an economical, efficient, and sustainable manner. For any company looking to save, streamline, or simplify, car2go’s new urban mobility concept offers a creative solution. The car2go car sharing concept can help companies lessen or eliminate the need for company fleet programs as well as reduce travel expenses, such as conventional car rental or taxi reimbursements.

If your company is looking for a system that adapts to your needs, car2go is a perfect fit. Company registration is quick and easy, just like the car2go system itself.

Switch to the many advantages of car2go for an efficient, flexible way to drive your business. We offer:

  • Precise drive time billing by the minute
  • Attractive and simple rental prices
  • Wide availability of cars, dedicated parking, and 24/7 support
  • No overhead costs- only pay for the time you use a vehicle
  • Real time access and control over drivers, invoicing, and company accounts
  • Greater transparency for reporting and decision making purposes
  • Contact the Vancouver car2go team at 778.328.2850 or email them at to see how your organization can participate.



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