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Amazon Enters the Audio Books Market: BookBuffet is There

abstract:Publisher's Weekly just announced that, "Amazon appears close to opening a new online store to sell digital downloads of spoken-word audio, a move the would put the company in competition with industry leader Audible." Why is this of interest to book groups?


June 10, 2005
If you are like many of our visitors and members who face lengthy daily commutes, it behooves you to investigate the audio books world.  In the age of mulit-tasking it makes sense to get your book group "reading" done while you're on the go, particularly if you find that bedtime reading invokes narcolepsy, and you wind up repeatedly confessing, "I'm almost finished the book!" at meetings.  (Only to play catch up with the next read—and in a vicious cycle.) 

Industry Standard at

With  the only major player currently in the industry, a fierce new competitor will make access to these products easier and likely more affordable.

BookBuffet has entered into affiliate agreements for audio downloads, and we will keep you up to date on the latest advances in technology. For your reading (listening) pleasure, look to relieve or augment your monthly book group selection via this convenient, streamlined technology.

How Audible Works

It's easy! All you need is your computer and an Internet connection. The download process is automated by an easy-to-use audio management software. It also helps you transfer your audio programs to your handheld device or listen right on your computer.

Selection: We will tap you in to our recommended picks from Audible's more than 23,000 digital audiobooks, audio magazines, newspapers, and radio programs. Just click on the hyperlinks in our articles.

Mobility: Listen on your AudibleReady® MP3 player, Apple iPod, Palm OS handheld, Pocket PC, computer desktop, or on CDs you burn yourself. Find out if your player is AudibleReady.

Freedom: No tapes. No CDs. No shipping! Download your audio in minutes and listen right away.

Value: Compare Audible's prices! Shop and save up to 35% off retail audio prices or join AudibleListener® for an even better deal and save up to 80%.

Personal: Make the most of your time anywhere you go. Hear a best seller while you drive.

Audio Books to Download Now

    Get The Ultimate Audio Listener Now




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