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The Parchment by Gerald T. McLaughlin: The Next Da Vinci Code?

abstract:Dan Brown's bestselling book, The Da Vinci Code has gone down in history as one of the most popular novels. Translated into 40 languages with over 40 million copies sold and garnering the author an annual income of $76 million dollars. But another book combining a plot to threaten the foundations of the church with stolen artifacts and Templars is out.  The Parchment (Lindisfarne Books) by Gerald T. McLaughlin. Lovers of The DaVinci Code should take a look.  


March 23, 2006

"It is A.D. 70, and Evardus, a wine merchant from Gaul, has encountered a dying rabbi on the road outside of Jerusalem. With his final breaths, the old man urgently tells Evardus that Jewish priests have spirited sacred objects and records away from Herod's Temple in the hope of keeping them out of the hands of the Roman soldiers...  The merchant learns of a copper scroll hidden beneath the Holy of Holies and a map that leads to the objects. 

A thousand years later, while on a Crusade to Palestine, a descendent of the merchant finally uncovers those secrets below the temple.  They include an astonishing parchment that threatens the very foundations of the Church and Christianity...

With the dawning of the twenty-first century and pivotal world events, two American professors discover the document while researching a book. Like those before, they are temped to use it for their own purposes. The course they pursue leads to unforseen consequences that affect the Middle East and becomes a crucial turning point for the Vatican."


The Author

Gerald T. McLaughlin was born in 1941 in New York City.  He earned his BA from Fordham College and graduated from New York Law School where he was managing editor of the Law Review and a member of the Order of the Coif.

[In England of the medieval period, serjeants-at-law wore, as a required mark of their station, a close-fitting hood covering all but the face.  As a consequence of this special headdress, they were known also as serjeants of the coif and their corporate society as the Order of the Coif.]

After teaching at the University of Connecticut, Fordham and Brooklyn Law Schools, he became the dean of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, where he currently serves as dean emeritus and professor of law. He has lectured and written extensively in the field of commercial law. The Parchment is his first novel.


"The Parchment does what all good reads do - it moves quickly, it engages the mind, and it's hard to put down. But more than that, it's relevant. From the latter illnesses of past Pope John Paul, the tensions in Lebanon, Israel, Gaza, and throughout the Middle East, and the still-lingering heritage perspective of the Crusades make this book helpful for understanding why we are where we are in Iraq and elsewhere."—N Moberg, Amazon Reviewer 




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