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Technology Corner: PayPal Goes Mobile


Online payment company PayPal is preparing to offer a service that will let consumers make purchases or money transfers using simple text messaging via mobile phones, the company said on Wednesday.


March 26, 2006
— [This] marks a big step in bridging the worlds of ecommerce and the physical world of brick-and-mortar stores by giving consumers a pay-as-you-go option via phones, analysts said.

The service, known as PayPal Mobile, will be launched in the next couple of weeks in Canada, the UK Britain and the US. Other markets worldwide will follow for the world's biggest online payments service.

Image Caption: PayPal Panhandler, "Text message me your donation." london times us

Word of the service had leaked out earlier on Wednesday when bloggers found links to test pages on PayPal's website describing it.

Dan Schatt, an analyst with financial consulting company Celent, said: "This is very important because it is going to create an awareness that your mobile phone is much more than just a device for talk. It allows you to make transactions."

In effect, the phone has become an electronic wallet.

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