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Hay Literary Festival 2009 in Granada, May 7-10th

abstract:Over the last 21 years, the Hay Literary Festival audience has grown from 1,000 people in Hay (near Herefordshire, England) to 250,000 visitors on three continents every year. One would think that the four locations offer UK book lovers a chance to meet authors from different locales who write, as one would expect, about their cultures, influences, and life experiences which become fictionalized or not in some form of book. However, the reality is that The Hay is a new form of British Cultural Imperialism transporting English lit and culture to warmer climates. This becomes evident when reading the line-up of events (a sampling provided below) at venues named for the sponsors: "The Guardian Stage", "The Barclays Wealth Pavilion" and "The SONY Screen". That said, it still looks like a rousing good time in locations with better weather and interesting tourist ops. The next location in the calendar year is Granada, Spain this May 7-10th, 2009. Here's their blurb, "The Andalusia is a fantastic setting to meet regional writers and readers. In the beautiful setting of the Alhambra Palace, writers and poets from Spain, the Middle East and northern Africa, as well as the UK, US and many others, share their voices and stories to make this a truly international festival of thought and word." Download the Hay Festival Program in pdf format.


April 14, 2009
— Also of interest is the "green" sustainable-environmental tips that the festival organizers wish to share with others in what they call the toolkit When one stops to consider that people travel by air to these locations, and the stress of providing clean water, low-impact packaged food and beverages, and of course all the "swag" and festival souvenirs not to mention the books—literary travel is another way of adding to our carbon footprint. That is the dilemna that festival organizers face—the responsibility of their own success: more people, more travel, more waste, a bigger enviro-impact. If your budget and your conscience won't allow for a trip to Granada, do what Isaac Dineson's character in Out of Africa suggests and become "a mental traveler". View the program and purchase books online and listen to an archived Podcast of past sessions or readings by the author... The majority of the files on offer are in .mp3 format at a nominal $1 fee. It will work with the majority of players on the market today.

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Other Hay Festival Locations

Hay Festival Wales – 21–31 May 2009
Snowdrops are pushing up on our greenfield site – it’s spring in Hay. Book your accommodation now for the Festival’s twenty-second year and celebrate with hundreds of the best authors, books and thinkers around.

Hay Festival Segovia – 24–27 September 2009
Elegant Segovia, a short hour north of Madrid, is the perfect festival city. Lose yourself in the maze of backstreets, eat cochinillo in the excellent restaurants, drink beer in the central squares, take part in a plate-smashing ceremony and – of course – discover a wealth of Spanish and international writers, poets and artists. The minisite for this festival will go live soon.

A Sample of Book & Authors From The Hay Festival

John Kay, Nick Robins and James Marriott chaired by Andrew Simms
The Dark City
Does the behaviour of a handful of investors in the City of London hold the key to our collective survival? With economist John Kay, HSBC climate advisor Nick Robins and art activist James Marriott. Chaired by the nef or, New Economic Foundation Director, Andrew Simms. Part of the nef series ‘Surviving the Crash’. nef is sponsored by The Ecology Building Society
Other books by John Kay:
  • The Long and the Short of it: A Guide to Finance and Investment for Normally Intelligent People Who Aren't in the Industry,
  • The Truth About Markets : Why Some Countries are Rich and Others Remain Poor
  • Roger McGough
    Slapstick, or, Lonesome No More!
    If Philosophy is the Why? And Science is the How? Then Poetry is the Wow! Join one of Britain’s best loved poets as he showcases his new collection of slapstick verses.

    Zoe Heller talks to John Mullan
    The superbly entertaining new tragi-comic novel,The Believers: A Novel from the author of Notes on a Scandal.

    Geoff Dyer talks to Will Fiennes
    Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi: A Novel
    The novelist introduces his ingenious dual narrative, a story of love and yearning that plays with the boundaries of fiction.

    Rory Maclean
    The Traveller
    The intrepid wanderer charts the evolution of travel writing from the fall of the Wall to the rise of the Taliban. His books Magic Bus: On the Hippie Trail from Istanbul to India, Stalin's Nose: Across the Face of Europe, and Under the Dragon: A Journey Through Burma have invited realistic comparisons with Chatwin and Kapuscinski.



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