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Alice Munro Wins 2004 Giller Prize


Just a few hours ago the winner was announced at the televised gala in Toronto for Canada's prestigious Giller Prize with $25,000 awarded  to Alice Munro age 73, for her latest short story collection, Runaway, Knopf (October 2004)


November 11, 2004
— This is Munro's second time winning the award.  She competes against Toews again next week for the Governor General's Literary Award.

The Atlantic Monthly writes Alice Munro is "the living writer most likely to be read in 100 years". Like all of Munro’s previous, award-winning short story collections – Runaway is filled with memorable, if increasingly eccentric, characters whose lives unfold in astonishing ways.

A young woman is encouraged by a neighbor to leave her husband, whom she believes is causing her mental distress, but upon discovering that running away really means just being lost, she returns home. And a cycle of three stories featuring the same character at three important junctures in her life is faultless in its clear-cut delineation of the arc of love, loss, and disconnection the woman's family relations have come to represent. Munro is remarkable for the ease and completeness with which she brings the world of a character into the frame, and her characteristic and greatly effective looping through time--not just connecting present and past but also indicating the future--is haunting. All this in a lovely, precise style. Brad Hooper BOOKLIST

While her earliest books earned her acclaim in Canada, it wasn't until she began publishing in The New Yorker that she won the attention of the American literary community. Her first story for the magazine, "Royal Beatings," appeared in 1977. Munro related the family life of Rose, a girl living in the poor section of a provincial Ontario town, and the repeated belt-whippings meted out by her father and egged on by her combative stepmother.

Munro says that she writes mostly short stories because she worries she "doesn't have the staying power to write a novel. In the beginning I didn't write novels because I had young children and I had all the duties of women in that generation, and I thought, I'll never get time."


Other Books by Munro

The five other Giller Prize contenders were:

Each receive an individual video and a special red leather-bound copy of their nominated books.

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