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People Seem Astonished We Can Read

abstract:Oprah may have gotten America reading, but across the pond in Britain it’s Richard & Judy behind the book reading—and buying—boom.


April 12, 2004
— British daytime TV stars Richard and Judy are the new darlings of the British publishing world. Just 10 weeks ago they launched the Richard & Judy Book Club on the duo’s popular talk show and sales of the books featured (one per week) have soared.


Remarking on this success, Judy was quoted in a Telegraph profile: “It proves that our viewers are a lot more intelligent than most snotty critics give them credit for. Do you know the Booker Prize? I think there is so much snobbery and nonsense associated with it. But the way some people have written about us, they seem to be astonished that we, and our viewers, can read."


The list of 10 titles read and discussed over the course of 10 weeks were voted upon by viewers for the “Richard & Judy’s Best Read of the Year” award presented as part of the British Book Awards on April 9th. The winner? Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones.


£  For a list of the ten titles Richard & Judy selected for their Book Club visit their Channel 4 Richard & Judy website.


£  And for the other British Book Award winners, click here.


£  Read the Telegraph article, “People Seem Astonished We Can Read,” for more wonderfully snarky Judy and Richard quotes!



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