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New York Times' Top 10 Books of 2006


It's always interesting to see which authors the books editor for the NY Times will pick for their annual Top 10. Here is the list, which has a selection of fiction, nonfiction and short stories by authors that include Gary Shteyngart, Claire Messud, Richard Ford, Marisha Pessl and more. Click on our article's title for complete list, or the hyperlink above to get to the NYT. (log in required for full NYT articles)


December 02, 2006


  • Absurbistan, Gary Shteyngart. (Random House) "Russians exceed even Americans in their taste for size, status and ostentatious wealth. The situation lends itself to parody, and Gary Shteyngart's new novel, Absurdistan, does a marvelous job of satirizing the new Russian oligarchy, as well as the American lifestyle and the two countries' shared megalomania consumerism and appetite for exploiting small countries."—Washington Post
  • The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel, Hempel (Scribner) Touted as a master of stylistic minimalism in the short story form, findo out what critics are raving about.
  • The Emporer's Children, Claire Messud (Alfred A. Knopf) A satiric look at New York lifestyles and personalities pre and post 9-11 that reveals the petty and selfish lifestyles we all wish weren't so true.
  • The Lay of the Land, Richard Ford (Alfred A. Knopf) Third novel in a trilogy involving character Frank Bascombe, the beloved protagonist from The Sportswriter and Independence Day. Fans will be scrambling for The Lay of the Land.
  • Special Topics in Calamity Physics, Marisha Pessl (Viking) 36 chapters that walk through literature like a college syllabus. Great review for those wishing to bone up fast.
  • Falling Through the Earth, Daniel Trussoni (Henry Holt & Co.) The memoir of a girl who grew up trying to understand her father's life after his Vietnam War experiences and the shaping of both their lives subsequently.
  • The Looming Tower:Al-Queda and the Road to 9-11, Laurence Wright (Alfred A. Knopf) The author examines the hstory of terrorism and shows how 9-11 could have been prevented had US agencies like the CIA and FBI had worked together.
  • Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community and War, Nathaniel Philbrick (Viking) The author's study of the Mayflower pilgrims dispelling the myths that surround them.
  • The Omnivor's Dilemma: A Natural History in Four Meals, Michael Pollin (Penguin Press) A naturalist traces back the routes of four meals to help us understand the modern diet.
  • The Places Inbetween, Roy Stewart (Harvest/Harcourt) The amazing story of the people and places Roy experienced on his walk across Afghanistan post Taliban control.



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