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Stephen Hawking Turns 65 & Plans to Celebrate in Space

abstract:Celebrated British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History of Time (originally published in 1988 with 10 million copies sold) plans to celebrate his 65th birthday by taking a zero gravity flight and then a trip into space courtesy of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic. The lifelong wheelchair-ridden scientist is famous for educating the masses on the origins of the universe, gravity, black holes, time travel and quantum mechanics.


March 26, 2007

Commercial Space Travel

Have you ever dreamed of taking a trip into space? Hawking believes that the colonization of space may be the salvation of our species with our survival riding upon our ability to avoid nuclear conflict, conquer deadly resistant pan-viruses, and stop the tide of global warming.

Having spent his life hypothesizing on space, gravity and the connection between rules that govern life's largest (galaxies) and smallest (quantum mechanics) entitites, this is a brilliant opportunity for Stephen to, once more, courageously lead the way by experiencing weightlessness out of his wheelchair. 

The trip will cost around 100,000 for each of the six passengers beginning 2008. The craft will be launched at 50,000ft from a mothership and soar into space at around 360,000ft, reaching a speed of 2,500mph more than three times the speed of sound.

Sounds daunting enough for astronauts and healthy individuals, but the fact that Stephen was inflicted with a rare Motor Neuronal Disease (MND) known as Lou Gerig's disease at age 21, which usually leads to death within two years, means that he has not only survived spectacularly, he has also produced answers to fundamental scientific questions. His life is a triumph of medicine and science.

A Brilliant Man: A Brilliant Career

As a graduate and professor of Cambridge University, Stephen made his big "ahah moment" in the '70s when he linked two hitherto disparate concepts of gravity and quantum mechanics into an equation that explains the big bang theory and black holes. He holds the same chair held previously by Isaac Newton. He lectures widely and publishes extensively. 

 He entered into popular culture as a cult figure when he produced his own documentary television series, and then was a featured guest on episodes of "The Simpsons," "Star Treck," Red Dwarf," "The British Comedy Awards," "Family Guy," and more. All of this by a man whose voice is electronically generated, and his wheelchair is controled by an eye muscle under his glasses. 

Books & DVDs

Celebrate Stephen's 65th with a selection of his books or video productions and sharing them with family and friends.

Product image for ASIN: 0553380168A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking - God, the Universe, & Everything / Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke

Product image for ASIN: 0762419229God Created the Integers: The Mathematical Breakthroughs That Changed History

Product image for ASIN: 0393312763Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy (Commonwealth Fund Book Program)

Product image for ASIN: 055380202XThe Universe in a Nutshell

Product image for ASIN: 0060977108The Physics of Star Trek

Product image for ASIN: 0521379768Three Hundred Years of Gravitation

Product image for ASIN: 1932407073The Illustrated Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe

Product image for ASIN: B000BITUD4Stephen Hawking's Universe (DVD)

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