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Contemplating Wines

abstract:At the end of a long day here on the farm (in the Interior of BC) it's great to sit on the porch surveying "the back 40" when the intense heat of the day has passed and the long shadow of our cottonwood next to the house provides a cool respite. Here I sit sipping a glass of crisp white wine while skipping through a copy of John Schreiner's The Wineries of British Columbia (Whitecap, 2009). John has been studying the subject for 30 years and this is the 3rd edition. He's mastered the art of giving just enough information to satisfy your curiosity and tempt your palate. Believe it or not there are 457 wineries in BC now, up from 14 in 1988. They're all listed in alphabetical order with the bottle label and engaging stories about each of the vintners, their properties, their methods and their successes. I go immediately to some of my favorites and see a common thread between us: people passionate about wines, not afraid to tackle the science and chemistry of its art, and determined to produce bottles that any family would be proud to serve company and any restaurant would be happy to place on their wine list alongside other worldly fare. Most often wineries are started, taken-over or completely re-vamped by people from entirely different backgrounds to the industry. Blasted Church was started by two couples who were brokerage accountants. Cedar Creek was started by a geologist and his wife. Burrowing Owl was started by a civil engineer with a business degree, and Quails' Gate was started by a distant relative of ours, the Stewart family, now the largest producer of Pinot Noir in Canada. If you want to learn the stories behind the wines you're drinking, take a mental tour through BC's award-winning and up-and-comers. Better yet, purchase a copy and head east on Highway 3 to the Okanagan where you can sample wines and visit winemakers on our own terroir. Slip in a copy of John Schreiner's Okanagan Wine Tour Guide on the dash for good measure! Now, where was I? Oh yes. I'm looking at the future terraced vineyard on our south slope. The east to west oriented valley will ensure long hours of sunlight and the rocky soil will concentrate the flavours in the grapes. Bring on the investors!


August 16, 2010



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