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SONGZA: Free music streaming DJ'd

abstract:I remember when I used to head down beginning of December to our local "record shop" - actually, I'm not that old, it was a CD shop called The Magic Flute. They specialized in classical music, which is what I listen to in the winter mostly. Summer is for pop music, spring and fall is jazz, opera or tech, but Christmas is strictly classical. Give me a Bach choir, a Stabat Mater, brass ensembles, celtic strings. The store had these lovely polished brass arty door handles mounted on glass doors, but inside were banks of CD's whose cover artwork was as engrossing as the anticipation of coming home with some new music to get into the Christmas spirit while baking and decorating the house.

Today life just got a whole lot simpler! Canada finally has access to a streaming music app called SONGZA that allows you to pick all manner of pre-selected play lists suitable for any time of day or night, any genre or mood you could imagine. And it's FREE!

A quick download to your iPad, iPhone or iTunes account and registering as a user and you're in. The consierge page will open and tell you the time of day and ask you which category you feel like. You can connect it to some powered speakers, like those amazing little mandarin orange size beauties or a docking station and you're set for un-interrupted listening pleasure. Don't like the song - just hit the skip button. Like it, tap the button to send the song/CD info to your email address. You can also click a thumbs-up or down button to help the program learn your subtle preferences to suggest more closely matching play lists. I like to play music in the background from my laptop as I work. Then turn on my iPad in the living room in the evening when we're relaxing after work. Then I sometimes take it up to bed and listen with ear buds while I read my e-book. Party music is especially daunting to pick and play, but not with SONGZA. Switching play lists if one is not quite right is just a tap away! ENJOY


December 19, 2012



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