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NYT Bestselling Author Lisa Unger Has a KickAss Website


Marketing, marketing, marketing. Authors either get it, or they struggle with out-dated, inefficient marketing plans. Lisa Unger, NYTimes bestselling author of Beautiful Lies: A Novel and Sliver of Truth: A Novel gets it! Her personal website has all the latest bells and whistles of a one-woman techno-band—great design, great audio excerpts, cool use of Flash® , interactive feedback ops, and reading group extras. Check it out!


March 06, 2007
Steve Bennet founded the web design team that created Lisa's website. I like that the design elements compliment the types of books she writes, so it immediately appeals to the target audience. The use of Flash is not so cumbersome that you have to endure anything you don't click on yourself.

There's a  city  background noise-track, and a storefront window on the homepage that doubles as a film screen for a short video clip. Lisa's bio is just right: people always want to know when authors began writing and what sort of influences shape their stories. Heck, she sounds like someone I'd like to meet, someone we could invite to book group.

Additional podcasts and a discussion board allow browsers and fans to leave messages to the author, or arrange a telephone conference or visit with their group. There's even a discussion guide.

All in all, I would highly recommend checking out both Lisa's excellent novels, and if you're an author, why not give the folks at authorbytes a gander.  



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