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Annie Leibovitz: Iconic Photographer Bares All

abstract:If you are a fan of photography you will no doubt be familiar with the work of Annie Leibovitz. Brandished on the covers of so many Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair magazines her fold-out spreads of celebrities characterize a style. We look forward to "the movie star issue" "the music issue," the industry has become synonymous with her work. In her current exhibit at the Brookline Museum the lens is turned around—on Annie, her loves, family and friends. A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005 (Random House, Oct 2006) 472 pages.


February 02, 2007
“I don’t have two lives,” Annie Leibovitz writes in the introduction to this collection of her work from 1990—2005. “This is one life, and the personal pictures and the assignment work are all part of it.”  

Walking around the crowded gallery there is a mixture of emotion. People spot the famous iconic photos in huge format: Mick, Brad, Demi, Nicole, several US Presidents, and a quiet trill goes up. But the images that have you haunted and holding back the tears are of Susan Sontag, Annie's lifelong friend who was battling breast cancer and clearly at the end of her life. This part of the gallery holds a respectful hush, as we peep in the so-real way that photography lends us, into the personal life of two of this century's powerful female communicators.

This personal photographic series, mixing shoot work with family Leibovitz portrature—mom and pop, sis and kids—is a book you won't want to miss if you want to better understand the woman behind the camera. If you can make it to the Brookline Museum just a short subway ride from Manhattan, it is well worth the effort.

Tour Schedule with tentative dates:

  • Brooklyn Museum October 20, 2006–January 21, 2007
    San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego February 10–April 22, 2007

  • High Museum of Art, Atlanta May 12–September 9, 2007
    Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C. October 13, 2007–January 13, 2008

  • de Young Museum, San Francisco February 9–May 11, 2008
    Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris June–September 2008

  • National Portrait Gallery, London October, 2008–January 2009

Additional venues to be announced.



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