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First Literary Awards of 2006: The Whitbread

abstract:The Whitbread Group PLC announces the 2005 Awards at the beginning of January each New Year. Launched in 1971, there are 5 categories: First Novel, Novel, Biography, Poetry and Childrens' Book.  


January 05, 2006
First Novel

The Accidental, Ali Smith.

The Smarts are a happy, prosperous British family on the surface, underneath they are headed for melt-down, as told from each member's varied perspective. 



The Harmony Silk Factory, Tash Aw.

In 1940, Lim Seng Chin, 20-year-old descendant of poor, illiterate southern Chinese laborers transported as mine workers by the British in the late nineteenth century, renames himself Johnny Lim. Depending on the teller, Johnny was a Communist leader, an informer for the Japanese, or a dangerous black-market trader. Malaysian-British Aw makes an impressive contribution to a literature.



Matisse the Master, Hilary Spurling.

The first volume of Spurling's magisterial biography, The Unknown Matisse, covered his evolution into a painter. This second volume opens at age 40 when he has obtained the controversial status of master.



  Logue's Homer Cold Calls, Christopher Logue.

With his 5th penultimate instalment of his celebrated account of the Illiad.


Children's Book

 The New Policman, (Gardener Books 2005) Kate Thompson.



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