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Technology Corner: Electric Literature Magazine, NOT #Edison

abstract:In keeping with my newfound love affair with the short story genre, I'd like to share with you an innovative new company out of NYC called, Electric Literature Magazine. It's the brainchild of co-founders and editors, Andy Hunter, and Scott Lindenbaum. The duo seeks to revitalize the (ss) genre by employing a variety of electronic formats and digital delivery systems: Sony Reader, ebook, the Kindle, the iPhone, audio books and a POD, print on demand paper version, with of course their online digital version. The cost of an electronic subscription is $24 and $48 for paper - and they've already got over 1,000 subscribers. "In the first two issues this year, the magazine attracted some of the country’s best writers — Michael Cunningham, Colson Whitehead, Lydia Davis, Jim Shepard — and created the kind of buzz that is a marketer’s dream," says New York Times Felicia Lee (Oct 27th) "Mr. Cunningham said he allowed Electric Literature to use an excerpt from his forthcoming novel, Olympia, in the debut issue 'as a vote of confidence' for [the founders] who were his students in the M.F.A. program at Brooklyn College." Get Electric Literature: #1 here. (photo credit:Michael Appleton)


November 06, 2009

Exactly What Are the New Media Channels?

  • The Kindle: Amazon's come out with their v.3 of this handy little device, which lets you download from their online store - in minutes - what you'd wait (in this country at least) forever to receive your bound paper book on your doorstop. Criticisms were that it was just plain, butt ugly and unwieldy. Improvements were made to size and interface and now they claim to have sold ____.
  • Sony's eReader: OK, these guys deserve props as they were really the first in the sector. I remember checking their product out in NYC's megastore B&H Photo years ago. But the annoying thing about Sony is their tendency to make everything a proprietary tug-of-war. You've got to have their power cord, their charger, etc.
  • iPhone Apps: This is my favorite, because I simply don't want to have to carry around yet another device in my "sac-a-main", which is already at Mary Poppins proportions. Who needs the conformation of Quasimodo? You HAVE to keep your phone on you at all times, so just download the books from whichever 99 cent iPhone app you prefer. There's itunes's library, Stanza, the Kindle Store, 301 Short Stories, First Chapters, or even Audiobooks, which has 1,000 free classics so you can sit your iPhone on the dash of your car when stuck in traffic, and be told a story - just like mom used to do: road rage begone.
  • POD: that stands for print on demand, which is pretty self-explanitory.



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