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Meet this Los Angeles Book Group

abstract:Comprised of diverse professional women, this book group has been meeting monthly since September 1989—that's 135 books in 13 plus years!


January 26, 2003
— The average book group reportedly dissolves after 4-5 years, but this book group has been going strong for almost fourteen years. In fact, two of the current seven members have been involved from the very beginning. Members attribute their group's longevity to their ability to strike a balance between “book business” and tender support for each other’s personal triumphs and tribulations—and then there’s dessert!


Since the group began in September 1989, the members have read 135 titles covering the spectrum of genres: prize-winners, classics, fiction, and biography. In selecting titles, they mainly look for books that will produce lively and thought provoking discussions, and that can be compared and contrasted to books previously read and discussed. Some of their favorites? Well, everyone has an opinion, but it’s interesting to note that it often corresponds to the novel they had presented... could it be the extra research?


The designated host for each meeting often leads the group's discussion by providing biographical information on the author or by reading any good reviews. The members then proceed to discuss aspects of the novel that were successful and distinctive, with some reference to literary style, but not an academic dissection.


Another distintictive feature of this book group is their annual summer break. Each year the group breaks for the summer holiday with a long, challenging book that might be too ambitious for their schedules the rest of the year. And to kick off the break, they select a “food” oriented book and have a sumptuous dinner meeting celebrating another year of reading. At last June’s dinner meeting, the group invited Sharon Boorstin, author of Let Us Eat Cake, as a special guest, and they cooked recipes and shared personal anecdotes about life remembrances with food in keeping with the theme of the book.



How long has your book group been together? What makes it special? E-mail us at if your group would like to be featured in our monthly book group spotlight.



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