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Get Square! To Accept Credit Cards with Your iPhone

abstract:We've all been there - wishing we had an inexpensive, fast way to process customer purchases at point-of-sale. Whether it's to sell tickets or accept donations at your event or fundraiser, to process sales of your artwork at an artist show, to process sales of your book at a launch party, or to accept payment for services provided: language lessons, computer tutorial or anything that used to require a check or cash payment. Up to this point, you had to go through a huge palather with Moneris or another bank for application, credit check, pay a large monthly fee for "the device" (that wireless gizmo the waiter hands you at the end of your meal) and of course the processing fees on every transaction. Read all about the company's creators and history at wikipedia.

Now all you need to do is to sign-up online with Square. Square is an electronic payment service, provided by Square Inc. Square allows users in the United States and Canada to accept credit cards through their mobile phones, either by swiping the card on the Square device or by manually entering the details on the phone.

It took just minutes to register online. Square will make two insignificant deposits into your bank account, which takes a few days, then once you confirm the amounts, your bank account is activated and all the transactions you swipe appear in your account the next day.

You can customize your customer receipts with your logo, include a photo of the item you sold in your records, and do a sale with or without the user's card (a higher transaction rate is applied in the latter instance).

Square will send you a free card reader in the mail when you sign up, or you can purchase one from any Apple or technology store that sells smart phones.


January 30, 2013



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