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abstract:Stella Harvey, founder of Whistler's writers group, Vicious Circle launched her debut novel, Nicolai's Daughters (published by Signature Editions, Oct 2012) at the 2012 writers festival this past October. After spending almost a decade with false starts she settled on her novel's premise and the hefty 336 page volume results. Join us in discussion with the author next month, December 6th. Stella's maiden name is Leventoyannis. Her family comes from Greece and her book is set in two cities in the southern region of Peloponnese. This hilly countryside, though surrounded by water, would be an island if not for the technicality of a land bridge that joins the mainland. Interestingly, the local population has provided the majority of Greece's modern-day politicians.

To research for her book, Harvey says that she returned to Greece regularly to connect with her heritage, visit family and brush up on her native tongue. During her travels she discovered a WWII piece of history involving a German massacre of a town's male population over age 13, a fact that has been kept quiet by members of the townspeople who left after the tragedy. Harvey was intrigued by the idea that a tragedy of this nature would follow generations in a variety of ways, whether they knew about the story or not. Indeed she imbues her main character with additional layers of secrets which his daughters are led to uncover. Loss, longing and secrets are the basis of this book told through the alternating voices of daughter Alexia and her father Nicolai. The reader is carefully bounced between generational stories, colliding cultures and economic realities to reach the climactic truth. Join us at a private home in Whistler (details disclosed with paypal voucher). Tickets $10 $15 at the door, with proceeds used for Greek themed refreshments and appis. (Voucher has mapquest location link).

Copies of the book can be purchased at Armchair Books in Whistler village and members be sure to get your 10% Whistler Reads discount. It's also available online in digital format via iTunes, KOBO or Kindle.

Visit Stella's website for more biographic information and a very good book trailer.


November 01, 2012

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