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What You Need To Know About The 81st Academy Awards

abstract:On February 22nd at 5 pm Pacific Time and 8 pm Eastern Time, the 81st Oscar Awards Ceremony will go off at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, hosted by the unlikely, Hugh Jackmon. Get a list of the nominees and download the voting ballot, then catch up on some of the history, hype and trivia with us here at BookBuffet. Of course our special interest (aside from the gowns and hairdo's) are the awards for screenwriting. There are two categories: Best Original and Best Adapted. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has been organizing the annual event since 1929.


February 09, 2009

Authors and Adaptors: Read, Compare, View

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Curious Case Of Benjamin Button And Other Jazz Age Stories by F.Scott Fitzgerald adapted by Eric Roth (of Forrest Gump fame) WATCH THE TRAILER

Doubt: A Parable is a Tony Award winning play written by John Patrick Shanley who also adapted it to screen. WATCH THE TRAILER

"Frost/Nixon" is Peter Morgan's shrewd stage drama is self-adapted for the screen and nominated in this same category. WATCH THE TRAILER

The Reader: A novel is Bernhard Schlink's novel about a guard in the Holocaust brilliantly adapted for screen by David Hare. WATCH THE TRAILER

Q & A is written by the Indian author, Vikas Swarupthe. It was adapted by Simon Beaufoy and renamed "Slumdog Millionaire." WATCH THE TRAILER

So You Want To Write A Screenplay? Get The Facts

Find out what it takes to write an award-winning screenplay. Living in Los Angeles for eleven years taught me that almost everyone there has written or is working on writing a screenplay. Sit in any restaurant where unemployed actors work to survive and industry execs do business, (restaurants like The Ivy in Beverly Hills, and you're gonna hear a pitch. We've gathered some excellent links for the aspiring screenwriter in you... but before you delve into those, here are some interesting facts about movies:

  • The Motion Picture Association says that average cost to make and market a major MPAA member company film was $106.6 million in 2007. This includes $70.8 million in negative costs and $35.9 million in marketing costs.
  • The total number of films released in the U.S. in 2007 remained on par with 2006 with 603 films released.
  • Worldwide box office reached another all-time high in 2007 with $26.7 billion, a 4.9% increase.

    Links & Resources for Screenwriters is a website with everything from scratch writing courses, to polishing courses, to agents and industry connections. Your first step should be to "write what you know". The next thing is to download a screenwriting software program, to get your manuscript into the correct format. After that you need to show your work to people in the business who can critique it for you and possibly pass it on to a connection. Like publishing, Hollywood is all about the connections! There's a whole strategy for pitching your screenplay (keep it short; compare it to a previous successful movie in the same genre; do suggest actors; know the career and background of the person you're pitching to; connect on a personal level without being obtrusive or a dork; thank them for listening and EXIT. Here is an excellent book by a woman who knows all about the above:Good In A Room by Stephanie Palimer. You'll also want to consult "the Bible" of screenwriting by Syd Field, Screenwriting:The Foundations of Screenwriting



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