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Author Podcast: Sue Oakey-Baker

abstract:BookBuffet caught up with Sue Oakey-Baker a Canadian writer, mountain guide and school teacher who lives in Whistler BC. Listen to the MP3 podcast on BookBuffet's Audio Channel (32:34min) in MP3 format where we discuss her first book, Finding Jim (published by Rocky Mountain Books, 2013), a memoir about her life with Jim Haberl, the first Canadian to summit K2. Attracted to his rugged charm, his warm heart and his passion for the outdoors Sue lived an exhilarating life evolving from friends, to lovers and then wedded. Together they traveled the world climbing, rafting and adventuring in places experienced by an intrepid few. When an avalanche claimed Jim's life in Alaska, Sue experienced loss, grief and disbelief at an extraordinary level. Writing became her therapy. Finding Jim is about her personal struggle out of her abyss and back into a life with renewed purpose. />This book will resonate with anyone with a love of adventure who knows the risks and rewards of pushing your personal limits. You'll want to share it with your significant other. This book is a warm blanket for anyone experiencing loss and searching for a lifeline back from the depths.

In her reading Sue's voice is understated, strong and clear. She pauses to consider each question. Her natural outdoorsy looks and athleticism combined with a calm warmth that emits a pheromone of annealed strength. Our interview coversSue's perspectives on her life with Jim, and a phrase she uses frequently to describe her journey after his death: "searching to find her soul again". She also talks about the process of writing a memoir itself: what you include, what you leave out, how to order the details. Her accomplishments in the 7 years that it took to complete this book attest to her determination, and she modestly gives thanks to her steadfast support network from family, friends and the local writer network, the Vicious Circle. Sue's now into her 15th year guiding members of the Canadian Altzheimer's Society climb Mount Kilimanjaro—the highest peak in Africa. She graciously agreed to read a favourite excerpt of mine of her experience white water rafting Nepal's Karnali River.


December 08, 2013
(photo courtesay of Jorge Alvarez with thanks). Sue and Jim's family along with the Alpine Club of BC helped to place a memorial hut on top the Tantalus Mountain range - that spectacular local mountain grouping viewed along the Sea to Sky Highway between Squamish and Whistler where motorists are frequently compelled to pull over to take photos of the glacier topped peaks skirted with lush green forests.

Have a listen.(36:04min MP3) and pick up a copy of Finding Jim.



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