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Cover Image of No Enemies, No Hatred: Selected Essays and Poems by Xiaobo Liu published by Belknap Press of Harvard University Press
Cover Image of The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan published by Ballantine Books
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abstract:Learning opportunities abound on the web. We've talked about iTunes University's list of ivy league podcast lectures from Stanford, Berkeley et al, to award winning math educator with 2,400 videos teaching everything from basic algebra to GMAT exam tutorials to multidisciplinary applied math in areas like astronomy, computer science or economics, (and even up-to-date stuff like videos of The Geithner Plan to Solve the Banking Crisis.) Want to learn a new language? Watch a series of You Tube videos in the language of choice. The difference between all those experiences and is that the Saylor Foundation offers the entire college experience in a choice 13 areas of study (Art History, Biology, Business Administration, Computer Science... ) that includes the complete course curriculum, online access to all suggested class reading material through the creative commons license, a full set of video lectures to follow along, all the course assignments you would normally get at a brick and mortar school, and of course, final exams. The clincher is IT'S ALL FREE. The Foundation is indebted to founder Michael Saylor and his dedicated full and part time staff, academic consultants and network content providers. I logged onto the site and picked the English Literature degree for example. LIke any college degree you have required core courses in the 100-300 level and a selection of elective choices in the 400 level. I picked the 200 level course: Cultural and Literary Expression in the 18th and 19th Century and got the course purpose, learning outcomes, course overview with a breakdown of concepts from the origins of the term "enlightenment" to the rise of the early novel and so on, all in palatable bite size pieces similar to what you'd learn in a typical classroom experience. In order to take the exam you must be logged into your Saylor Foundation School account. Check it out! There's no excuse not to get Back To School in your spare time.


September 16, 2011



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