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Three Great Books from OTHER PRESS

abstract:Small independent publishing houses are a great place to shop for books that have been hand crafted from the selection processs through the editing, design and printing process. The one thing they lack is a big budget to market to you -- hense we at BookBuffet strive to bring you some of the gems available just a click away! Take a look at these three titles from Other Press: O My Darling by Amity Gaige, And the Word Was by Bruce Baumann and Hosack's Folly by Gillen D'Arcy Wood.


June 26, 2006
O My Darling by Amity Gaige (Other Press, pages, $  O My Darling tells the story of a devoted young couple whose marriage begins to implode when they move into their first house. The external lives of Clark, a high school guidance counselor, and Charlotte, a bookkeeper, are utterly ordinary, but their interior lives are as bold and complex as abstract paintings colored by imagined possibilities, childhood joys and, more darkly, by deeply buried fears. When Clark rescues a young boy from drowning, a chain of events--some comic, some harrowing--is set in motion, revealing the fault lines of the couple's marriage and individual psyches.

And the Word Was by Bruce Bauman (Other Press, 360 pages, $15.95): Unable to deal with his son's death and his wife's betrayal, physician Neil Downs escapes New York for India, where he lands an embassy position. Searching for stability, Downs connects to his new environment and finds himself fascinated by the interplay of India's tumultuous politics and extreme poverty. Booklist called the debut novel "smart and intense, but accessible and riveting."

Hosack's Folly by Gillen D'Arcy Wood (Other Press, 402 pages, $16.95 paperback)  Set in 1820s Manhattan, Hosack's Folly weaves a vibrant tapestry of a time, a place, and a people on the verge of surrendering their innocence and idealism for the greed and glory of the Gilded Age. In a cast of fictional characters as rich and colorful as any in Dickens stands one fascinating historical figure: David Hosack, the doctor who attended Alexander Hamilton during the fatal duel with Aaron Burr and who went on to found Bellevue Hospital, Columbia University Medical School, and the first Botanical Garden in New York.



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