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Alcuin Society AGM Scott McIntyre Speaks

abstract:The Alcuin Society is Canada's book design award granting body. The volunteer nonprofit has 321 members who share an interest in the art of printing, book design and publishing. The annual design competition takes place in the spring. They received 236 books this year in various categories from 9 provinces and 112 publishers. Winners are displayed at the AGM as well as 22 more venues across the country.

This Year's AGM was held May 22nd at the UBC Golf Club featured Canada's formative publisher Scott McIntyre as keynote speaker. Scott is a raconteur and savant from the publishing industry and one of the most interesting personalities because of his direct and honest nature. In a talk titled, "Learning to Type" he described his "seductution into the world of paper and type" commencing with his induction as the yearbook editor at his highschool, Lord Bing Secondary followed by the same post at UBC's yearbook team. Upon graduating from UBC he moved to Toronto to start work at McLeland & Stewart. "It was like being in the eye of a huricaine - it might seem calm - but all around you is chaos". Those were the days when


May 24, 2013
— Alfred Knopf would get on the plane to sell his books to all the publishers. He returned from Toronto to Vancouver just 3 years later to start his own company with co-founder, Jim Douglas - D&M Publishers. He marks the middle years of his career as the era of the giant franchises, forever changing the scale and type of books that came to print. Last followed the inevitable transition of the industry into the digital age and the electronic platform. It was like listening to Samuel Goldwyn Myer talk about the Golden Age of filmmaking. A nostalgic, bittersweet moment with a hushed room giving their rapt attention.

if you are a lover of books, or related in any way to the book industry, do join the Alcuin Society. The Alcuin produces a newsletter covering society activities and a periodical called the Amphora, which covers book arts on the local, national and international level, edited by Peter Mithum. The most recent issue 162 featured an article about publishing in the Slocan Valley during the Japanese internment period, an illuminated edition of one of the books that shaped history in genetics and the theory of evolution, Darwin's On The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, and the technological innovations of Coach House Press.



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