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Books to Film: March & April 2003

abstract:Seen all the Oscar-nominated films? Here are three provocative literary films coming to a theater near you...


March 07, 2003
— The film version of A.M Holmes collection of short stories, The Safety of Objects, is being released in cinemas on March 7. The film takes the form of interconnected stories about the lives of four families and the vicissitudes of their daily life.  The ensemble cast includes Glenn Close, Patricia Clarkson, Moira Kelly, and Dermot Mulroney. The movie has already won several awards at film festivals.


Elizabeth Wurzel's bestselling memoir, Prozac Nation:  Young and Depressed in America has been made into a film starring Christina Ricci, which will be released on April 30.   Anne Heche and Jessica Lange co-star in the drama directed by Erik Skjoldbjaerg.  This is Wurzel's own story of being a music critic and battling depression with the aie of her boyfriend, various female friends, and her mother.


The Dancer Upstairs is Nicholas Shakespeare's novel inspired by his experiences as a reporter traveling in Peru in the 1980s, searching for the guerilla group, The Shining Path.  Now actor John Malkovich has made it into a film which he stars in and also directs.  The film also features Javier Bardem who played Cuban author Renaldo Arenas in the acclaimed film, Before Night Falls.  Nicholas Shakespeare adapted his own novel, and it could be interesting to look at the issue of authors adapting their own books versus books being adapted by another writer.  The film will be released on April 30.



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