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Do You Resemble a Famous Person?


The Stand In by Mary Mackey is the story of a movie star who longs to get back to a "normal" life when she meets a store checkout clerk who looks exactly like herself. 


September 29, 2003
— The two agree to switch identities and the rest of the story deals with the two women in their new swapped lives. Written with comic wit, the story is as entertaining as it is thought provoking.


Mary Mackey (writing under the nom de plume Kate Clemens) credits the idea for her novel from re-reading Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper; she herself "Who are the modern day societal elite and who are the paupers?"  In an online chat on the well, Mackey stated that the book is an attempt to "examine class, power, illusion, cliques and a whole host of other things that, for better or worse, oil the social machine."


Kate Hudson in the starring role[s], anyone?  Sounds like the making of a great book discussion! Why not pick up a copy of both books and compare. 



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