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Buying Books: Yeah... Where DO You?

abstract:With so many options available, BookBuffet asks the question, "Where do you buy your reading material these days?" Our site has a Browse Books icon at the top R corner of our home page banner that is linked to, .ca, and .uk. for purchases. I ask this question because I just finished speaking with two friends who told me they use Amazon exclusively to purchase "thousands of dollars worth of books and DVD's each year," and I responded, "OMG, why not buy them through BookBuffet?" They answered, "Oh, you mean I can do that and you'll get, like, a commission or something?" "YES!" was my whole hearty reply. "It's not much but every little bit helps!" I went on to explain, "The reason we use Amazon is because they've got the biggest selection of books when we did our online retailer comparison. AND the best digital support and user features that compliment our work in directing readers to good books. The more you buy, the more we benefit. When you purchase a few books at a time, the shipping is FREE. Beats driving to the local store where you may discover they do not carry what you came for, and you'll have to place an order and return a second time. As well, when you shop Amazon you can shop -the world- in the markets where books first become available. I just bought


September 09, 2009
— a UK author's book who won't be published in North America for at least another year. Books are published in different languages in different countries by different authors at different launch dates. Our online clientele are sophisticated avid readers and our book group members are located world-wide. Primarily they choose to purchase in these three currency markets: North Americans are divided by the 49th parallel; the European, Asian and Southeast Asian clients purchase via the UK (or USA) depending on the publisher. My friend's response was, "Oh, how super. I can continue shopping online the way I always have, AND I can choose to make my purchasing power support your website's online content. That's brilliant!"

Why didn't I think of that?

Support BookBuffet. When browsing our feature articles, use the direct click links for the books we're reviewing that appeal to you, AND use the handy front page Amazon Icon for everything else. Just select the country, type the author's name or title and your search result will appear. Then shop away, books, DVD's... someone bought a bed through us the other day! That's a great contribution toward funding editorial content. WE LIKE!



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