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Introducing Video Book Reviews: Love A Book? Video A Review!

abstract:Put your FACE to a BOOK! It's a Whistler Public Library and WR-BookBuffet joint program. To celebrate the opening of the grand new Whistler Public Library, BookBuffet-Whistler Reads will be filming locals, resort visitors, World Cup and Olympic athletes as part of a video presentation putting your FACE to a BOOK. There is a child, teen, adult and athlete category. Everyone is welcome. Just pick a book and tell us, in about two minutes, what you loved about it. The video-book reviews will be compiled into a short feature film that will be previewed at the Whistler Library Opening Gala festivities April 12th-17th and available online here. Find out how you can participate below.


February 17, 2008


Film dates are most Thursdays for the next four weeks. That's February 21st, March 6th, March 13th, March 20th, from 2-4pm. Look for a sign-up sheet at the library. We have organized it into 10-minute spots.

Kids need to take a permission slip home for parents to sign, then decide which book they want to review. We'll have a two-person team situated (in the school library most likely) at each local school on specific days. TBA

Andrée Vajda Janyk - mother of some world-class racers, has offered to get the Canadian team on board. As Andrée says, "These kids all read voraciously. They are great role models for active kids to see that you can still be a good student and work hard at a race (or sports) career." The FIS World Cup is being hosted in Whistler Feb 18th-24th. We plan to film racers at the bottom of the pre-training run sessions on Sund/Mond Feb 17th & 18th, weather permitting.

Cameras will be roaming into the Whistler Muni offices, over to the Whistler Arts Council building, up to the Intrawest staff offices. Be prepared! Call for appointments.

Yeah, we know how much you guys read, and how passionate you are about books and authors. Show us the love! Grab your buddies and book a session at the library on one of the above dates.


It's easy. Pick a book you love. Come prepared to say:

1) Your name and a bit about you:
"I'm ______ and I live in Whistler," or
"I'm ______ and I'm visiting from England," or
"I'm ______ and I came to work for the season from Sydney."

2) The book title and author
3) What the story is about in three or four sentences
4) What you loved about it
5) Why you recommend it to others

End by saying,
"I enjoyed _______ and I hope you do too" or something along those lines.


Not in Whistler but still want to participate? Video yourself and send us an electronic file. Please include a signed waiver saying that BookBuffet LLC has the right to use this content for purposes we deem necessary. THANKS!



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