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Miró Miró On The Wall

abstract:Summer for me means visiting the art galleries of the city I am traveling. The Tate Modern has an excellent exhibit of Modernist-Surrealist painter and sculptor Joan Miró (thru Sept 11, 2011) that affords a brilliant look at the artist's life, his work and the history that shaped both. It is the first major retrospective in 50 years in London. I especially enjoyed the short film with Miró's grandson giving a tour of his grandfather's two studios where you can see everything in its place. I had the pleasure of viewing the show with a Greek friend who claims she is going to make a large canvas version [in turquoise] of one of the paintings in Miró's blue series for display on the living room wall of her modern style home in Athens. "That's a lovely idea," I said. "Just call it your 'Turquoise Homage de Miro'. An original is beyond we mere mortals and a poster version is better suited to a university dorm wall."

We discussed the challenge of making a large canvas a single color; do you use wide brushes or a roller? We see from close inspection of the work that he used a combination dry brush technique at the finish. It may look like child's play, but if you try it you'll see the difficulty.

If you can't make it to the exhibit in London (or the Miró Museum in Barcelona), the next best thing is to purchase a copy of Miro (Taschen 25th Anniversary) and check out the excellent review in the The Guardian while you're waiting delivery of this book as an addition to your art book collection. More about Miró and the Surrealist movement.

I wish I had taken a photo of the timeline on the wall. If anyone does so, please send me a copy. paulas (at) —Thanks!


July 16, 2011



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