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Technology Corner: Carbon Copy Cloner, Worry-free Back-Up

abstract:I use a MacBook Pro with the Mac OS X operating system. I'm on this thing so much I've had to replace the "i" key twice and my space bar has been worn down like the sandstone steps of La Seu Cathedral in Barcelona. I run tons of software such that the 40-odd miniscule icons lined up on my tool docking bar at the bottom of my screen are barely recognizable. I use a separate hard drive to store all my media: photos, audio files, movies from my own in-progress files and completed archived projects. This helps to maximize pc speed and performance, and it gives me some peace of mind against the loss of important data. So far I've had next to nil computer crashes: Unlike my friends with non-Mac PC's who experience "the blue screen of death" regularly, and are forced to spend hours upon hours reloading and re-booting their machines. However, that is not to say that I have become cavalier in my approach to some future inevitability. The reason I am telling you all of this is to illustrate how important our personal laptop computers have become, and how any temporary glitch or—yee gads—crash to our system would prove catostophique (spoken with a shrill French accent). SO, as you all nod your heads in frantic agreement, I have a juicy piece of information to ease your now troubled mind. CCC. No, it's not a hockey equipment manufacturer, or a stuttering expository text message. The letters stand for Carbon Copy Cloner, and it's FREE. In just 4 simple steps: Clone, Synchronize, Schedule, and Backup, you will never have to worry about your precious [gratuitous Gollum reference from Lord of the Rings] again! Sign up for our RSS feeds.


September 25, 2009
— Two testimonials agree:

CCC is really the only MUST HAVE tool in my arsenal. I just upgraded my MacBook Pro HD, and CCC made it effortless without the hours and hours of setting up preferences and installing software. Thank you Mike!
J.R.R. | Portland, OR

Thanks for the daily peace of mind I enjoy knowing that CCC is backing up my work every night while I sleep.
John L. | Kansas City, MO



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