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Mobile Technology and Mobile Fundraising

abstract:"By mid-2013 smart phones or tablet users will surpass laptop users. Lay your foundation now!" stresses nonprofit mobile tech guru, Heather Mansfield. Heather of DIOSA Communications hosts webinars on the topic on a regular basis. I just participated in one yesterday. One and a half hours of solid gold information. The take-home message was three-fold: Launch a mobile website; Launch a text messaging campaign; Launch a mobile pay App for Text-to-Give.

What does she mean by mobile website? It's simply related to screen size and customizing content for a 2 inch screen, the standard size of smart phone screens (first priority) and the iPad/tablet size (second priority). This means our CSS (cascading style sheets) for our website have to be adjusted to fit and the content customized as well; less words, smaller file sizes, limited photos and graphics so that files download quickly and content is easy to read. The quick and dirty way to do this is via your RSS feed. Also, big point, mobile websites start with an m dot prefix before the url. So one of her favorite sites that is keeping abreast of web 3.O is the Center for Disease Control Their mobile site is Another is the international wildlife Check out,

Of the 200+ nonprofits that Heather has been tracking for the past 5 or so years (my notes on her exact figure is missing), she's discovered that not a single nonprofit is doing all three. There are some with one of them, less with two out of the three, but none with the full baseball count, three out of three. Why is that? Good question. She thinks that it's a matter of cost and resistance. Nonprofits are penny wise and pound foolish. Her course provides all the material you need to get up to speed on mobile technology with affordable options to "get in the game".

That is another of her key messages: get in the game as early as possible. Early adopters from print to digital benefited by being first on the search engine block. Early adopters in in social networking have discovered its superior usefulness in driving traffic back to their websites. Mobile technology is where most of the rest of the world exists - out of necessity - they can't afford laptops, don't have internet connections with oodles of bandwidth, so cellular is the only way to go baby. The numbers there are staggering. Africa leads the world in mobile banking. The companies and nonprofit organizations who adopt mobile technology in their business strategy will benefit from being a first adopter here in North America. That is the only way you're going to reach some demographics here already: the millennial set, certain income brackets and ethnicities. [TBC]


July 26, 2012
Heather Mansfield, is the owner of DIOSA Communications, a principal blogger at Nonprofit Tech 2.0, and author of Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. She offers social media and online communications audits for nonprofits which she then presents via a three-hour webinar or in-person. If the audit is presented in person, then an additional two-hour training on social media best practices for nonprofits is offered. All attendees of the audit are sent a follow-up set of notes and all audits include a 90-miunte consultation via telephone at a later date for follow-up questions or discussion. For detailed information, please see Social Media and Online Communications Audits for Nonprofits.

Heather Mansfield


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