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Miep Gies, Who Helped Anne Frank Hide From Nazis, Dies at 100

abstract:She was the secretary of a spice company doing business in the office where Anne Frank, her sister, parents and two others stowed away in the attic in Amsterdam. She brought food and clothing to the family, as well as books and newspapers. The hide-aways were discovered late 1944 (the informer has never been uncovered) and Anne was taken to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany where she died of typhus March 1945, just two weeks before the American liberation of the facility. Anne's diary was found by Miep Gies. She kept it and gave the diary to Anne's father Otto, the only survivor. He then published his daughter's diary in 1947. It has since been translated into 65 languages and read by millions of children and adults. The Diary of Anne Frank Miep worked to promote the diary and to ensure that its legitimacy was not destroyed by Holocost-deniers who alleged it was a forgery. Until her 99th birthday when she suffered a small stroke - she continued to answer hundreds of letters from the public.


January 12, 2010
Also noted is the effect Anne Frank's diary has had on the film and theatre world - some with varying degrees of success. Jon Blair's Anne Frank Remembered won an Academy Award for Documentary Feature in 1996. The 2003 hip-hop film, Anne B. Real, features a female rapper who finds inspiration in Anne Frank's story. The Freedom Writers Diary and the subsequent film, Freedom Writers, describes how an inner-city classroom was energized by a journal kept during a war that few of the students had known much about. Anne's story has even been made into a Japanese anime cartoon, Anne no Nikki And pictured at left is the BBC television production via WGBH Boston Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 9pm on PBS, reputed to be the most accurate-ever adaptation starring newcomer Ellie Kendrick (An Education) Iain Glen (Into the Storm) as Anne’s steadfast father, Tamsin Greig (Emma) as her reticent mother, and Felicity Jones (Northanger Abbey) as her studious older sister. The Diary of Anne Frank airs on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2010..

In the literary world author and professor, Francine Prose wrote a book about the literary qualities of Anne's journal citing her maturity and insight. It's called, Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife "Among the things that are so extraordinary about the book is her unbelievably mature and balanced view of human nature," says Prose, who adds, "her voice is a nuanced one that mixes inspiring optimism with the deepest of pessimism. When she decided that she wanted the book to be published, she went back to the beginning and re-wrote all the entries [that she'd written] as a 13-year-old... [this is the reason the entire diary is told] in the voice of a 15-year-old." Take a moment to reflect on the impact of this, and share the story, or purchase a copy of her book for a young person in your life.

Philip Roth's 1979 novel, The Ghost Writer, includes a sustained meditation about Anne and her diary occasioned by Nathan Zuckerman's fantasy that the beautiful mistress of his literary idol is Anne Frank, who has not only survived the camps but has come to America, where she is living under a pseudonym and has landed a job archiving manuscripts for her lover. Roth's Anne Frank character, Amy Bellette, reappears, older and infirm, in his 2007 novel, Exit Ghost.

In 2008 a musical adapted from the diary — The Diary of Anne Frank: A Song to Life — opened in Madrid. An episode of 60 Minutes reported that North Korean schoolchildren were being assigned to read Anne's journal with instructions to think of George W. Bush as Hitler and of the Americans as the Nazis who wished to exterminate the North Koreans.

Books of nonfiction and fiction have expanded upon, and been inspired by, what Anne confided to her journal. Periodically, the publishing industry discovers the war diary of a young person and promotes its author as the Anne Frank of Serbia, or Poland, or Vietnam, or the latest place where children, tragically, become the victims of war.



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