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Munro's Nobel Prize: What It Means to Canadians

abstract:She's Canada's most famous recluse-writer. A revered 82 year-old Canadian who has been living and writing primarily about small town Ontario for over 45 years in her specialty genre, the short story, with 14 books to her credit. That's a new book every 3 to 4 years. She has won Canada's highest accolades for writing among her international awards: the Governor General award three times, the Scotia-Giller Prize twice, the Commonwealth Writers Prize, the Man Booker for lifetime achievement. The full list appears on her wiki listing. Brad Martin, the President and CEO of Penguin Random House Canada said,

“It’s the crowning achievement. As a Canadian, we should all be proud of her. I think she’s the best short story writer in the world. This just confirms it.”

What does this mean for Canada? Canadians have won 23 Nobel Prizes in the various categories since the titular Swedish award first began in 1901. The majority are held in the field of Chemistry followed by Physics and Medicine. In the mid to late nineties Canada saw a sweep of prizes in the field of Economics. As for the category of Literature, Alice Munro is technically the first all-Canadian to win, since Saul Bellow, who won in 1976, is listed as a dual citizen of Canada-USA having moved from Lachine Quebec to Chicago at age six.


November 10, 2013
— How does Canada stack up against other countries? Here is the list of the closest countries in prize count, starting just below Canada and listing all those above her to the top. Of note there are just two Indian prize-winners despite that country's 2nd highest population ranking, and China at number one population ranking first made it onto the list in 2000 then again in 2012:
[First number = the country's total prize count; second number = their total prizes in the field of Literature, third number is the country ranking by population size.] continued...

Country Rankings

  • Italy has 20 total:5 in literature, 23rd in world standing population size
  • Austria 22:1:94th
  • Canada 23:2:37th
  • Switzerland 26:1:97th
  • Russia 27:4:9th<
  • Sweden 30:8:89th
  • France 66:13:21st<
  • Germany 104:9:16th
  • UK has 210:11:22nd
  • And the country with the largest number of Nobel prizes goes to our nearest neighbour the USA with 350 incredible awards:8 in the field of Literature: with an overall population status as 3rd largest in the world.
  • Comparing Canada to the USA while taking account relative population ratios, Canada has slightly over half of the USA's count when considered in the relative terms of population per million (Canada .66 per million population; USA 1.1 per million population). And the USA has triple the number of laureates holding the Lit award.Of the 110 total Nobel prizes awarded, 97 were given to men:13 were given to women. (The only other Nobel prize awarded to more women than in the category for Literature is the Peace prize, which has been awarded to 44 women.)

    Complete List of Books by Munro

    Original short-story collections
    • Dance of the Happy Shades – 1968 (winner of the 1968 Governor General's Award for Fiction)
    • Lives of Girls and Women – 1971
    • Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You – 1974
    • Who Do You Think You Are? – 1978 (winner of the 1978 Governor General's Award for Fiction; also published as The Beggar Maid)
    • The Moons of Jupiter – 1982 (nominated for a Governor General's Award)
    • The Progress of Love – 1986 (winner of the 1986 Governor General's Award for Fiction)
    • Friend of My Youth – 1990 (winner of the Trillium Book Award)
    • Open Secrets – 1994 (nominated for a Governor General's Award)
    • The Love of a Good Woman – 1998 (winner of the 1998 Giller Prize)
    • Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage – 2001 (republished as Away From Her)
    • Runaway – 2004 (winner of the 2004 Giller Prize) ISBN 1-4000-4281-X
    • The View from Castle Rock – 2006
    • Too Much Happiness – 2009
    • Dear Life – 2012
    Short-story compilations
    • Selected Stories – 1996
    • No Love Lost – 2003
    • Vintage Munro – 2004
    • Alice Munro's Best: A Selection of Stories – Toronto 2006, and
    • Carried Away: A Selection of Stories – New York 2006; both with an introduction by Margaret Atwood
    • New Selected Stories – 2011



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