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BookBuffet would like to learn more about you and your book group so that we can review books, write feature articles and engage authors that interest you—and offer tools that help your group. Take a moment to answer these questions, copy & paste into an email to us, and we'll enter you in a monthly draw to win review copies of books courtesy of Random House.

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January 07, 2006


  1. Our book group has been together for __ years.
  2. We meet:
    • once a month
    • more frequently
    • less frequently
  3. We are:
    • all women
    • all men
    • mixed
  4. We know each other through:
    • work
    • socially
    • the library
    • a book store
    • other _____________________________
  5. Our top 3 books are:
    1. __________________________
    2. __________________________
    3. __________________________
  6. When selecting books we:
    • pick all the books for the season at one time
    • pick one new book each month, taking turns presenting the selection
    • leave book selection up to our professional moderator
    • a combination of group picks and moderator picks
  7. We learn about the books from (pick all that apply):
    • friend or other book groups
    • the sales person in a book store
    • review in the local pape or reviews in NYT, or (name)_________ literary review
    • Oprah's book selection
    • an online source www: ______________  
  8. Types of books are (tick all that apply): 
    • most often recent bestsellers
    • combination of fiction and nonfiction
    • classics
    • one genre only: biography, sci-fi, African American, or ________________ 
  9. The purchasing of books is done by:
    • each member on their own
    • one person buys for all
    • combination of above
  10. We prefer to:
    • shop at our local bookstore (independent)
    • pick it up where ever we happen to find it
    • always purchase online
    • sometimes purchase online, sometimes shop
  11. Have you purchased books thru BookBuffet?
    • no, don't shop online
    • yes, I have purchased via BookBuffet
    • I only shop at Amazon (or another online vendor) directly
  12. If you answered "2" to the above question, which of the BookBuffet places to buy books did you use?
    • the BUY BOOKS button on the home page
    • I purchased a book from the author birthday calendar on the home page
    • I clicked on a book mentioned in a feature article
    • I purchased the book that is on our group's home page calendar - this month's pick
    • I clicked on one of the books listed in the BookBuffet Book Archive
  13. I use the following Bookbuffet features:
    • the home page author birthday/event calendar
    • our own group's event calendar
    • the group email feature
    • the personal online journal feature
    • I look at books in the book archive
      • and have added books
      • and have added a rating or review
      • and have added research
    • access independent book store list
    • look-up professional moderators
    • use the chat forums
    • look at the BB BLOG for book reviews
    • use the Match Feature to find members or start a group

How To Submit


Highlight & copy the above questionaire > click on this email link > paste and type a * beside the answers that apply. (If you browser doesn't allow you to pull text off the page, click on Print from the Edit menu, save as a .doc or .rtf and email that to



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