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abstract:What if you were a famous band member who traveled around the world? And what if you liked to take your handy fold-up bike with you when on tour, and get out into the streets and neighborhoods of cities like London, Sydney, Manila, Berlin, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Detroit, New York? And what if you kept a diary of all the landscapes and architecture you saw, the fashion, culture and art you experienced, and the people that you met? That would be kind of interesting, don't you think? Well, Talking Heads band member, David Byrne did just that. A resident of New York city who started riding his bike exclusively in the 1980s, David has also been touring, cycling, and writing about it from this unique perspective for the past two decades. His notes, photos and musings were published last month in a book titled, Bicycle Diaries. It's a "highly personal mixture of humor, curiosity, and... views on urban planning, art, culture and postmodern society in general." According to Byrne, “Our values and hopes are sometimes awfully embarrassingly easy to read. They’re right there – in the storefronts, museums, temples, shops, and office buildings and in how these structures interrelate, or sometimes don’t… Riding a bike through all this is like navigating the collective neural pathways of some vast global mind“. As candid and engaging as it is cerebral and informative. If you like the band, touring by bike, or are interested in this unique perspective of world cities from a bicycling urban-planner point of view, get Bicycle Diaries. Whistler Read founder, Paula Shackleton says, "This is our 26th book title and it's going to include: chapter readings from the book, videos of Talking Heads band in concert, and our partnered affiliation of Whistler's Off Road Cycling Association - WORCA members talking about their own adventures on bikes. Venue is the FIREROCK LOUNGE, Westin Hotel, Whistler Save the date: November 25th, 7:30-9:30 pm - That's the day before the Whistler/Blackcomb ski mountains open to the public and the beginning of the Winter Olympic Ski seasons commences. The mood will be celebratory! We invite all visitors to Whistler to drop-in, as well as those people curious to see what goes on at a village book group discussion, and extend a warm 'welcome back' to all our regulars from near and far!" (See details for joining WR)


October 15, 2009

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  • About the Author

    David Byrne has particpated in city planning, the design of bike racks (such as the one pictured left located in NYC) and he's contributed to helmet design.

    His band Talking Heads has an ecclectic sound. While watching a classic old movie, Wall Street from 1987, I realized that the first time I became aware of their music was in the scene where Charlie Sheen (Bud Fox) is cooking gourmet with his decorator girlfriend, Daryl Hannah (Darian Taylor), Talking Heads music was playing in the background. I believe that film marked the beginning of the band's popular success.

    It is interesting to note that just yesterday David Byrne announced a compilation album with Fatboy Slim records and some other contributers that will be the Evita to former Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos. Byrnes understanding of the former First Lady came from his bicycle travels while touring in Manilla (a chapter in this book.) The track is titled, "Here Lies Love."

    Talking Heads have 8 studio albums, 2 live albums and 6 compilations. I looked up the lyrics to their music and found this song, "Road to Nowhere".

    We're on a road to nowhere -
    We're on a road to nowhere -
    We're on a road to nowhere -

    There's a city in my mind
    come along and take that ride

    and it's all right
    it's all right.
    And it's very far away
    but it's growing day by day

    and it's all right
    it's all right.
    Would you like to come along
    you can help me sing this song

    Watch some of the You Tube videos posted of the band's songs at different performances.



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