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David Cronenberg Reading CONSUMED

Canadian film maker, screenwriter and actor, David Cronenberg has come out with his first novel, Consumed(published by Hamish Hamilton,CA). Here he reads for the audience at St. Francis College. His book is described as a radically poetic, necromantic, numinous, homicidally erotic novel. Horror novelist Stephen King says, "Consumed is an eye-opening dazzler. Not for the fainthearted, but for those of us who relish a trip into the shadowy depths, a must-read...[it] is as troubling, sinister, and as enthralling as his films."

Cronenberg is fascinated by death and the psychological impulse toward grotesque bodily distortion mixing fear with arousal. In this story the difficult topic is cannibalism. The style of the book is compared to Kafka and Borge. The main characters are a charismatic couple, the wife and celebrity Célestine and her husband and philosopher, Aristide Arosteguy, (apparently intended as a riff on Sartre and de Beauvoir). It's set in Hungary, Toronto, Paris and North Korea. The Boston Globe writes,


November 12, 2014

“Consumed does not disappoint. It compiles a lifetime of obsessions and observations about the merging of man and machine, the fascinating horrors of metamorphosis, the intertwining of sex and death, the anatomy of rage, and the mechanics of social downfall…Cronenberg is a deft and inventive writer.”

More Cronenberg

I can't resist pointing readers to two interviews of Cronenberg by Canadian radio and television journalists. The content of the first with Jian Ghomeshi is rather ironic, given JG's recent circumstances. The second with George Stroumboulopoulos shows Cronenberg's undeniable eloquence, some of the ways he comes upon the material he develops, and the depth of his themes. But this one filmed at TIFF is perhaps the most broad speaking and in-depth.


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