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How To Make An iPhone Version of Your Blog

abstract: You can create an iPhone version of your blog or website's RSS feeds in less than a minute. Why would you do that? Because trends show that most people in a certain demographic stay on top of important news throughout the day using their mobile devices. To make your own iPhone version of your blog - do what we did - follow Jon's 1-minute videoinstructions. Go to Enter your RSS feed URL and website title into the boxes. Then click on the ‘iPhoneize’ button. You have the option to upload a 57x57pixel avatar or photo that will appear as you button. The web application will generate a code for your weblog. Next you place this code between <> <> of your website's header code so that any iPhone or iPhone touch users will be detected and will be so directed to the appropriate version for them to view your feeds via their handheld. It is all hosted on server.

The originator of the video demo jon (pictured above) uses Vimeo to post his video content. It's a video site that allows you to post and share video content - but different from youtube. It's free and if you want a channel of your own, or more bandwidth it doesn't cost a fortune. Great place to connect to other video artists and filmmakers.


March 27, 2009



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