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Whistler Reads Joins Vicious Circle in presenting The 6th Annual Writers and Readers Festival

abstract:The Whistler Writers and Readers Festival takes place September 14-16th. This year event organizer Stella Harvey and her Vicious Circle team invited Whistler Reads to take part. Sign up for a class. Don't miss our readers and writers mixer, Saturday, Sept 15th, 8-10 pm at Millennium Place.


August 21, 2007

How To Become a Whistler Reads Member

Members receive: A chance to win a free copies of our current title; 10% discount on books from Armchair Books; Discounts to any ticketed special events and courses; E-mail updates on latest events with discussion points and related research; The opportunity to take part in various programs.
  • Click JOIN
  • Select "Invited to join an existing book group"
  • Type in "Whistler Reads" (no quote marks) in the field asking for the name of the group
  • Fill in the rest of your information - and - ta da You're IN!
  • Log in. Browse the member list. Post a message on the forum. Check the book archive list. Tell us what you're reading or what you'd like the group to read next.

  • Why Sign Up for a Workshop?

    Vicious Circle has taken down all the barriers for people to sign up for a writers workshop. Whether you're an avid writer, a closet scribbler -- or just plain curious to see how it's done -- now is your chance. It's never too late to turn a latent interest into a passion. I have registered for five, count them, FIVE sessions. Why? Because, as a youth I was pigeon-holed as an athlete and not a writer or musician (like my bookish sister and my musical brother). I got the gymnastic and ballet lessons, and they got the books and the musical instruments. Years later, when my kids were studying at the Vancouver Music Academy, I decided to join them. Not only was my appreciation for music enhanced, but I learned the difference between all the major and minor scales, the nuances of tone, rhythm, and melody, how to make beautiful sounds with an instrument. The joy of joining an amateur adult chamber group and actually MAKING music was for me an unimagined achievement. Taking a writing course can do the same.

    Whether you're an avid traveler and want to write about your trips, or love to cook and think you might write a food article, or always loved the mystery genre and want to try your hand at that. Even if you never publish -- at the very least, it will make you a better reader. Seminars include CBC radio host Mark Forsythe on Writing for Radio; prolific magazine writer and former Creative Director of BC Skier Magazine, Leslie Anthony, on Travel Writing, and Breaking Into Magazines; West Jet's wandering poet Wendy Morton on How to Make a Living from Your Art; the Urban Peasant James Barber on Writing about Food. And this is only a small sample of what greets the reader and writer at the (click for program)2007 Whistler Readers and Writers Festival. Contact Stella Harvey 604 932-4518



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